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Drama, Heist, Thriller | English | 120 minutes

A Firma

OneTwoThree Media

Elenco e Tripulação


Derek Presley


Jason Starne, Austin Williams, Jorg V. Stein


Jason Douglas, Billy Blair, Tom Zembrod, Paul T. Taylor

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A broken family consisting of a father, an uncle and the son embark on a weekend hunting trip out in West Texas. The mother has recently died of an overdose and the trio hope to get away from it all by being out in nature and hunting. Instead they find a mysterious man shot in the stomach and clutching onto a backpack full of money.
Who shot the man? Where did the money come from, and how long will they survive while criminals are all out looking for the cash?

An astonishing thriller / survival film that takes place over one day and one night in the brush land of Texas.

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