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20 Seconds of Joy

20 Seconds of Joy

Action/Adventure, Documentary | English | 61 minutes


Red Bull Media House

Актеры и исполнители


Jens Hoffmann


Cleonice Comino


Jens Hoffmann, Matthias


Karina Hollekim


Documentary filmmaker Jens Hoffman first met Karina Hollekim in 2002 and immediately started to film, accompanying her through many stages of her B.A.S.E jumping and skiing career, until it came to a sudden stop, changing all aspects of her life.
20 Seconds of Joy traces the story of one person's incredible journey - this is not just a base jumping movie.
As well as featuring all the build up, the horror and the heartbreak of Karina's accident but also exploring the sheer beauty of the sport and the breathtaking scenery that these athletes experience with each jump.
Shot on location in some of the most spectacular and remote corners of the globe, we follow Karina as her amazing life unfolds.

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