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A Look in the Rear View

A Look in the Rear View

Comedy | English | 124 minutes


That Don't Fly LLC

Актеры и исполнители


Gregg Harris


Julie Harris


Gregg Harris


Christopher Brian, Anastasia Mirabelle, Quinn Nehr, Cory Cunningham, Liana Zaino, Dylan Toms, Branden Murphy, Careem Joy, Nicholas McCormack, Stuart Maxheimer, Tony Wood


On the night before his wedding, a good-natured, self-effacing groom reflects on a memorable and transitional year, which will make you laugh, think and maybe even cry— but mostly laugh.

The memorable, transitional year is the groom’s senior year of high school, the year in which the groom believes he became an adult. Most of the movie consists of flashbacks to his senior year. The film intermittently goes back to the present day, which primarily consists of the groom telling his story to three friends as they sit around a coffee table in his hotel suite, drinking too much cognac, the night before his wedding.

The humor is mostly dialogue and situationally based, and while some of it is unquestionably sophomoric, it’s not a physical or wacky comedy. Unlike many comedies, it doesn’t go outside the boundaries of what could really happen (although admittedly at times comes close).

Musical score composed and performed by Randy Edelman.

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