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Agent Crush

Agent Crush

Action/Adventure, Animation | English | 90 minutes


Fantastic Films International

Актеры и исполнители


Sean Robinson


Fred deWysocki III, Barrie Robinson


Mark York, Sean Robinson


Danny Glover, Brian Cox, Ioan Gruffudd, Neve Campbell, Roger Moore


It is two hundred years into the future, much has changed, but one thing remains a constant - crime and it's getting a little bizarre. Boris Goudphater ("Good-farter") is a first prototype cyborg developed by the World Security Network (WSN) to combat crime. The experiment failed due to a dangerous defect. Goudphater manages to survive the de-commissioning process and escapes. Horribly disfigured and angry, he is at large and out for revenge. Agent Crush is a second prototype cyborg, and is trying to prove himself as a secret agent. Crush has been furnished with all types of superhero gadgets but he is prone to bumbling accidents and causes havoc wherever he goes. Accompanied by his genius inventor sidekick, Spanners and Spanner's daughter Cassie, his latest mission is to stop Goudphater from exploding a nuclear device in the center of the Earth's magma core and causing every volcano to erupt, destroying the Earth.
A spectacular flying car chase through the streets of New York and the underground lava caverns leads to an explosive climax. Can Crush prove to the world that he is the man for the job and save the Earth in time?

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