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Alien Valley

Alien Valley

Science-Fiction | English | 75 minutes


Indie Rights

Актеры и исполнители


Ben Martinez, David Benjamin Franco


Kristopher Simms


Kristopher Simms


Matthew M. Baxter,, Bryan Bonner, Chuck Zukowski



There have been over thirty thousand cattle mutilations in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico since the 1960’s- gruesome scenes where cows are found with surgical-like incisions, missing organs and completely drained of blood. Often, there are no predator tracks to be found. Despite the devastating impact on local ranchers and an FBI investigation, there have been zero mutilation related convictions. This has spawned a whole host of UFO tales and governmental conspiracies, and Colorado’s San Luis Valley is the epicenter for the phenomenon.

Essentially Ghost Hunters gone wrong, ALIEN VALLEY is the story of Dave, a young cameraman for a paranormal reality show, who travels to the San Luis Valley to shoot an episode on cattle mutilations. He develops a friendship with Rose, their attractive BLM liaison, who accompanies them on their investigation. Rose has one mission: keep the crew off of the restricted BLM lands known as “The Commons,” the supposed location of a crashed UFO from the 1960’s.

from the 1960’s.

The show’s producer, Rob, presses forward his all too common formula. Interview the believers and skeptics. Conduct an intense nighttime investigation. And finally, reveal whether or not this paranormal mystery has been solved. When Dave meets a real mutilation expert who claims that there were extraterrestrial survivors from the UFO crash in the 60’s, he is thoroughly spooked. Suddenly, the episode’s chief contact goes missing. Without their contact’s ranch, the crew is without a location for the show’s nighttime investigation. Rob exploits Dave and Rose’s budding relationship and sneaks the crew onto The Commons for their stakeout.

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