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Amp House

Amp House

Horror, Thriller | English | 76 minutes


Mind the GAP Productions and Sales

Актеры и исполнители


Mike Ware, Dame Pierre


Brandon Perea, Kara Royster, Pedro Correa



One year after the death of their friend and leader, a young group of social media influencers find themselves in a life-or-death game of survival when a masked killer imprisons them in their content house. The influencers must survive and confront their darkest secrets before they are killed off one by one.

AMP House stars Brandon Perea as Niko (Jordan Peele’s Nope, Netflix’s The OA), Kara Royster as Janelle (Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, CW’s Dynasty), Pedro Correa as Hunter (HBO Max’s My Dead Dad), Cassie Scerbo as Tiffany (Netflix’s Truth or Dare, Sharknado Franchise), Chris O’Neal as Lonnie (Netflix’s Greenhouse Academy, Netflix’s Colin in Black and White), and introduces Ana Osorio as Amanda.

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