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Auschwitz - an Uwe Boll film

Auschwitz - an Uwe Boll film

Drama, Horror, True Story | English, German | 76 minutes


Acort International



With Auschwitz, controversial director Uwe Boll depicts the harsh reality of the process inside one of the most infamous Nazi death camps by using brutally realistic imagery. By shining a light on a small corner of the holocaust, Boll effectively shows us just how depraved and sadistic life in the camps could be - and how short.

Auschwitz is not for the faint of heart. Boll combines documentary footage and interviews with a fictional narrative in an attempt to understand the horrors that were visited on the victims of the Nazis. Auschwitz explores humankind's capacity for evil and examines our understanding of one of the bleakest periods of our history.

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