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Black Night Parade

Black Night Parade

Comedy | Japanese | 115 minutes


Toho Co, Ltd.

Актеры и исполнители


Yuichi Fukuda



Miharu Hino is a dull man who has been doing a part-time job at a convenience store in Tokyo for three years. While the world is in the mood for Christmas, he is suddenly confronted by a man dressed in a black Santa suit. He told him, “You've got a job offer! I'm looking forward to working with you!” and took Miharu away forcibly to the North Pole.

The company Miharu is to work for is “Santa Claus House”! There are children's letters arriving from all over the world, piles of presents, and many black Santas dressed in black Santa suits in the office. Shino Hojo, who is willing to hack to discover bad kids, Tanaka, a flippant man, a handsome chef who never smiles, and other colleagues with strong personalities. He starts working with them as a “Black Santa”, an extremely demanding job distributing presents to children all over the world, but there is a secret in this company.

“Red Santa” is not here anymore…

And there is someone who tries to destroy Christmas. And Miharu discovers that Christmas is in danger!

Can they save Christmas and deliver happiness to children around the world?

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