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Captain Buffalo

Captain Buffalo

| | 103 minutes


Global Genesis Group

Актеры и исполнители


Patrick Moug


Harel Goldstein, Charles Morris Jr, Rick Romano


Patrick Moug


Leisa Pulido, Richard Goteri, Ken Alter, Michael Barbee, Denise Graham, Rob Putansu, Joe Comaianni



The O'Shea brothers are part of two families - one family recognizes them as Ryan and James. While the other knows them as Hoss and Bones, their code-names for the police department's SWAT team. After losing their childhood friend and SWAT brother 'Squirt' to AIDS, the two find themselves at the crossroads of their lives. Bones, the cop's cop, only knows one way to honor his friend's memory and that's by being the ever, diligent SWAT team leader. Ryan, however, finally finds the courage to pursue his life-long dream of becoming an actor. A theatre director, who sees improvement with each time Ryan steps on stage, begins to mentor the SWAT officer turned actor. Ryan's enthusiasm is dampened due to Bones' homophobic comments and his dislike of the theatre world. As the new actor weighs his commitment to his SWAT team, his mixed feelings for his brother Bones and his desire to leave law enforcement for the theatre - all of this comes to a head in the face of Bones' hatred towards actors

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