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Carlos Spills the Beans

Carlos Spills the Beans

Comedy, Drama | English | 83 minutes


Indie Rights

Актеры и исполнители


Brian McGuire


Christo Dimassis, Roger M. Mayer, Bret Roberts


Joey Capone, Brian McGuire


Joey Capone, Bret Roberts, C.C. Sheffield, Brian McGuire, Harry Dean Stanton, Mark Boone Junior, Elana Krausz, James Duval, Jason Sklar, Randy Sklar



What happens when you grow up in a rich, dysfunctional, white trash family that runs a restaurant that your deceased father built with his blood and sweat? Well, if you're Steve Boyle, you turn into a prick. Steve, the youngest of nine brothers, has a dream to run the Boyles' restaurant but his overbearing family, his lust for Joyce the waitress and his jealousy of Victor, the most perfect human being to walk the earth, stand in Steve's way. Through many conversations with Steve's best friend and co-worker Carlos, he just might find a way to win back Joyce, become the proud owner of Boyles, and earn the respect of his family. That's if he doesn't kill someone first!

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