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The Driver

The Driver

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy | English | 95 minutes


Global Genesis Group

Актеры и исполнители


Derek DeRoche


LiHe Han, Edouard Negiar, Skyler Schain



Guillaume, a rideshare driver in San Francisco, is homesick: as he explains to his passengers, he cannot return to France, his home country, because he has realized he is afraid of flying. Amy, a young woman experiencing a quarter-life crisis, begins an affair with Guillaume after her personal life deteriorates. Soon, her boyfriend Mike develops a quarter-life crisis of his own.

All three must confront their fears and secrets if they are to get––or even figure out––what they want. Meanwhile, their mundane routines, fraught relationships, and ennui are supplemented by absurd, nightmarish characters and scenarios: a mother who has lost her unconditional love, a psychopathic boss, a mysterious man under the house.

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