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Dino King: Journey to Fire Mountain

Dino King: Journey to Fire Mountain

Animation | English | 92 minutes


Odin's Eye Entertainment

Актеры и исполнители


Han Sang-Ho


Chang Hoon Lee


Han Sang-Ho, Yoon Mi-Jang


Hee Soon Park


An action packed family adventure that combines the realism of WALKING WITH DINOSAURS with the heart of FINDING NEMO.

Speckles, a ferocious Tarbosaurus and his young son Junior, mourning the loss of their family in an epic battle, roam the lands in search of food, adventure and peace. Under the watchful eye of his Dad, Junior is growing up healthy and strong, but with an overconfidence thanks to his young age.

After one such encounter results in Junior being kidnapped, Speckles embarks on an adventure to the ends of earth to find Junior. Encountering friend and foe, ally and enemy, Speckles will stop at nothing and will take on all comers to save his offspring.

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