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Do You See Me

Do You See Me

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


Global Genesis Group

Актеры и исполнители


Corbin Timbrook


Harel Goldstein, Corbin Timbrook


Corbin Timbrook, Charles Morris Jr, Harel Goldstein


Rya Meyers, Philip Boyd, Lisa London, Jim Fitzpatrick



Reminiscent of Stephen King's IT and THE STRANGERS, this is harrowing tale of paranoid terror from director Corbin Timbrook. DO YOU SEE ME taps into the same scary clown phenomenon that the box-office smash IT is horrifying the world with. The movie starts with an intense 911 call from a frantic mother. It's November 1st, and her daughter Emily, was supposed to show up at her mother's house on Halloween. Emily was a no-show and the mother is extremely frightened mainly because Emily has reported to the police that she was being stalked. When the operator asks the exasperated mother if she had any idea who was stalking her daughter, the mother gasps, "...clowns..."
We flashback four days into the past to October 28th. Our hero, Emily, is a successful Hollywood executive, who is divorced and lives alone. She works with her sister and has a good relationship with her overprotective mother, has good friends. Everything seems normal until she starts thinking that a Clown is stalking her. Emily feelings of fear become real as she begins to receive texts that read "Do You See Me" And each time she gets a text; at work, at the gym, at the coffee shop, she looks up and The Clown is there. When Emily tries to get others attention to look at The Clown, he is gone. This is becoming extremely frightening to her, and Emily is concerned that she might be having a nervous breakdown.
After repeated sightings and texts, she fights through her own doubts and reports the stalker to the Cops. No one takes her seriously. As the days get closer to Halloween, everywhere Emily runs there is a Clown lurking. Finally, the Clown invades her home and now Emily has to fight for her life. She knows The Clown is coming to kill her.

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