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Thriller | English | 78 minutes


Global Genesis Group

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Howie Askins


Ryan McCoy


Ryan McCoy


Ryan McCoy, Ashley Bracken, Brett Rosenberg



Dread Central writes, “EVIDENCE is a movie that you’ll be talking and thinking about long after the credits roll, We’ve all seen films that sport a twist ending. Usually once the big reveal comes, we’re brought to the conclusion. Not here. Not by a long shot. Things keep twisting and twisting and twisting without mercy. There’s not a single moment in the last thirty-five minutes of this movie that you’ll be able to peel your eyes away from the screen. EVIDENCE is home to some of the most “Holy sh*t! What the f*ck was that?!” filmmaking we have seen in some time.”

Ryan is making a documentary about his friends Brett, Abi and Ashley. They are camping in the hills of Los Angeles, and everyone is having a good time until they spot a mysterious creature in a ravine beneath them. Though they are paranoid, they rationalize the creature away.

Until the night comes and they start hearing strange noises. Then, the creature attacks the campsite. The group flees back to the RV. They are excited about what they caught on camera, but they also agree to leave. Then Brett goes missing. And suddenly the creature attacks the RV. The girls escape and start an epic run to escape for their lives, leading them into an underground lab where their discovery is beyond their imagination.

EVIDENCE is a high-concept found footage film. As Dread Central writes, “The ending is guaranteed to polarize the audience. To us that’s just part of this harrowing experience’s charm. Forget everything you think that you know and have seen. None of it is applicable here. Take the ride. Let your mind be blown. Just try and catch your breath. EVIDENCE delivers the unexpected like few films do.” Rumors have it that Evidence Ground Zero is coming to the market place and is the found footage of what actually happened from the a whole different perspective.

This new found footage is now being assembled. If EVIDENCE scared you, the upcoming sequel EVIDENCE: GROUND ZERO will terrify you.

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