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Evolution Of Evil

Evolution Of Evil

| English | 69 minutes


Acort International



Evolution of Evil is the story of a couple whose desire to remove themselves from society on a weekend camping trip, brings them closer to their animalistic roots than they ever could have imagined. The couple's five romanticized ideas of getting away and back to the basic turns into a string of horrific events where they get away from it all, but in all of the wrong ways. Christopher and Lori, both in their thirties, are a couple who can easily be placed into the average upper middle class Pacific Northwestern pigeonhole. As their stereotype is won't do, they decide to go beyond their usual camping spots to find something more secluded that will further remove them from society and bring them closer to nature. After stocking up on supplies from a local convenience store, they drive further into the woods than they have ever gone before. Christopher and Lori set up camp in an isolated enclave of trees alongside a calm river. After settling into their out-of-the-way oasis, they hear the distant sound of gunfire. They tell themselves the same thing campers do when they are afraid - "It's nothing". The couple assumes that what they hear is the sound of young people getting drunk and making a ruckus. The next morning, Christopher is woken up by what is unmistakably gunfire that cannot be more than a few yards away from the tent. As Christopher pulls himself out of his sleep, the door of his tent is ripped open by Arvis, a weathered man in his late 40's. Arvis' brother Frank, a slim sickly looking man in his late 40's, stands beside him, each man with a shotgun in hand. Arvis drags Christopher out of his tent, while Lori's lifeless and bleeding body lies out of Christopher's sight on the riverbank nearby. Christopher is bound and gagged by the brothers, who haul him through the woods to their home. The brothers' home is an old cabin in great need of repair, without the slightest hint of another sign of life or nearby civilization. Their home is decorated with an odd assortment of found objects, most likely from campsites or abandoned on the side of the road. The items, which include pieces of folding chairs, bottle caps, twine, melted bottles, antlers, and bones, are crafted into what appears to be some form of art. The combination of the brothers' interactions, body language, and home make it blatantly clear that their way of life, rules, and customs are totally different from Christopher or Lori's or anyone else they know. There is a shack in the back of the cabin where Christopher is shackled to the floor. The shack is a makeshift slaughterhouse used for the production of beef jerky. It is revealed that the brothers are making human beef jerky, and with a closer look, it becomes clear that it is the same jerky that Christopher and Lori stocked up on at the gas station. In a visit to the shack to check on Christopher, Frank reveals something unexpected about his character. Frank removes his clothing with sordid intention to reveal not a male, but a female body. There is no graphic imagery, but it is strongly implied that Frank rapes Christopher. Until this point, as far as we know, Lori remains lifeless alongside the river. In fact, she has come to and struggles to get help. Unfortunately, the help she solicits is not from a good Samaritan, but rather it is from Arvis, who has come back to finish what he and his brother had started. When Lori arrives at the cabin, her relief of getting rescued quickly turns into fear, and a strong feeling of danger, which is, confirmed when she finds Christopher barely alive in the shack. Lori tries to save Christopher, but her struggle is in vain. Lori throws Frank into a seizure with her screaming and struggling. In his seizure, Frank collapses onto Christopher while holding a homemade knife, ending Christopher's life. With Christopher dead, and the brother's hungry for a second kill, Lori is forced to leave Christopher's body and makes her way into the wilderness to save her own life. Lori struggles and fights her way through the forest for what could be days. Eventually, Lori finds herself at a campground crowded with teenagers having a good time. She is finally safe. The film ends as Lori is being driven away from the wilderness that she once desired to get away to. One of the teenagers in the truck offers Lori some beef jerky - the same beef jerky that Frank and Arvis make and sell in the local gas station.

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