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Fear Me Not

Fear Me Not

Drama, Thriller | Cantonese, Chinese, Thai


All Rights Entertainment

Актеры и исполнители




Waiyuen FUNG


Jil Wong


Pakho CHOW, Holung LAU, Benz HUI



After the suicide of Ella, the Girls Band Y.E.S (Y, Ella & Sugar), and their manager Fei Ba are invited by a Thai TV station to a brand new 5-star hotel to shoot a TV show. The hotel has a Panic Room, especially created to deal with extreme situations. After their arrival, Fei Ba gets sick and develops a skin infection. More guests mysteriously get sick, and the government decides to close the hotel. Kept captive, people try to escape or make contact with the outside unsuccessfully. Things get worse when Fei Ba, infected by an unknown virus, transforms into a mutant. Everyone hides in the PANIC ROOM. In order to survive, Y betrays and abandoned Sugar. Two guests find guns and fight against the infected patients.
Finally they will all find out that the incidents are part of a reality show set up by the TV station, with the purpose of capturing real reactions from people and to show the high security of the new hotel. When the story is supposed to come to an end, the dead body of Y is found...

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