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Everlasting Days

Everlasting Days

Alternate Titles: Giorni Felici

Romance | English, Italian | 88 minutes


OneTwoThree Media

Актеры и исполнители


Simone Petralia


Giampietro Prezioza


Simone Petralia


Franco Nero, Anna Galiena, Maria De Medeiros, Marco Rosetti



Margherita is an internationally renowned actress with a successful career and many awards to her credit. She lives in an apartment in Rome, which is rich with memories and often frequented by her agent Michela, a few friends and her son Enea, an unhappy musician. Before long, she will be busy shooting a film directed by a young American director in Los Angeles. Yet suddenly, she is stricken with physical problems and tests reveal a severe form of sclerosis, ALS. Antonio, a dissatisfied director, her former partner and Enea’s father arrives to assist her. Due to her illness, Margherita must give up the film and soon finds herself confined to immobility. Antonio and Margherita, separated for many years, rebuild their relationship in the midst of suffering and together will write the grand finale of their lives.

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