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I Wish I Wish (Deseo Deseo)

I Wish I Wish (Deseo Deseo)

Alternate Titles: Deseo Deseo

Thriller | Spanish | 82 minutes


MultiVisionnaire Pictures

Актеры и исполнители


Eduardo M. Clorio


Luli Monsalvo Espinosa, Gabriela Olmedo


Pedro Guzmán, Abraham Mancilla, Eduardo M. Clorio


Israel Amescua, Iván Mondragón, Norma Mora, Fitzgerald Navarro, Karla Rodríguez



Five cousins reunite at the house of their recent deceased grandmother. As they rummage through her belongings, they discover a curious board game titled "I WISH I WISH (Deseo Deseo)". Out of boredom, they decide to play the game together. The rules are simple: each player may ask for 3 wishes that will be fulfilled after completing a challenge presented by the game. If they carry it out they will have what they desire otherwise there are farfetched consequences. The players soon learn the game truly grants their wishes -- at a heavy cost. For those who have chosen not to fulfill the challenge, the game releases a vicious creature to enforces punishment to their loved ones. The group soon discover that they must keep playing, and, risking others is the only way to save themselves.

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