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Action/Adventure | Chinese | 103 minutes


Emperor Motion Pictures

Актеры и исполнители


Xiaoyang CHANG


Shaohong LI


Alex ZHOU, Chuxi ZHONG, Xun WANG, Qiang WANG, Philip KEUNG



January 1949. The Chinese Communist Party has discovered a decisive strategy to victory in the civil war - to peacefully end the war, they must first take Tianjin before liberating Beiping (now known as Beijing). However, the Kuomintang maintains a strong, impenetrable foothold over the city. Tens of thousands of KMT soldiers and 60,000 stragglers gather in Tianjin. As supplies run thin, looting, gang fights and rape become rampant across the city. Tianjin becomes hell on earth.

As the attack looms, KMT barrier troops superintendent Qian Zhuoqun enacts counter-intelligence measures in the form of the Kuomintang army no. 2 military installations map. The fake map is designed to confuse the Communists’ People’s Liberation Army, who also holds the no. 1 military installations map that was obtained by spies. Authenticating the map becomes a key mission for the PLA as attacking the wrong targets will cause countless casualties.

With only 48 hours before the attack, PLA company leader Cai Xingfu is tasked to lead a team to infiltrate Tianjin and authenticate the map. Xingfu’s team successfully enters Tianjin in the dead of night, but that is only the beginning in a hellish fight in the battle that will change the tide of the entire war.

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