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Lipstick & Bullets

Lipstick & Bullets

Action/Adventure, Comedy | English | 81 minutes


Ytinifni Pictures

Актеры и исполнители


Alex Ferrari


Tremain Brown


Alex Ferrari


Samantha Polay, Paul Gordon


Collection of short features about revenge from indie film director Alex Ferrari. In 'Broken' (2005) Bonnie (Samantha Jane Polay) suffers from a recurring nightmare that proves to be the answer to her survival when she is kidnapped by a ruthless gang. In 'Cyn' (2007) a young woman Cynthia (Stephaine Michaels) is abducted by psychopaths Otto (Frank Rodriguez) and Mr Sugar (Josh Randall), but is just as willing as they are to commit a sin or two in order to survive. In 'Red Princess Blues' (2010) teenager Zoe (Tabitha Morella) is tricked into entering a carnival tent with a seedy worker and it is up to knife show performer Princess (Rachel Grant) to save her from being subjected to his sordid plans. The animated prequel 'Red Princess Blues - Genesis' (2011) follows the story of Princess (voice of Holly Fields) from childhood, exploring her reasons and need for seeking vengeance.

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