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One Way

One Way

Action/Adventure, Thriller | English


Highland Film Group

Актеры и исполнители


Andrew Baird


Jib Polhemus, Martin Brennan, Tim Palmer, Ryan Smith


Colson Baker, Kevin Bacon, Travis Fimmel, Storm Reid, Drea de Matteo


Badly wounded and chased through the streets of Downtown L.A. after escaping a robbery gone wrong, Freddy (Colson Baker) makes a quick decision and slips onto a Greyhound bus headed deep into the California desert. While onboard, Freddy calls on his estranged father (Kevin Bacon) and ex-wife to devise a plan before his former crime boss Vic (Drea de Matteo) can catch him with the money. A mysterious passenger named Will (Travis Fimmel) causes havoc on the bus with his creepy behavior, but the clock is ticking as Vic and her henchmen close in. With his life slipping through his fingers, Freddy is left with precious few choices to make in order to survive. There is only one way.

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