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Quantum Justice

Quantum Justice

Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction | English


Bob's Your Uncle

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Tim Ryan


Serinda Swan, Ashley Scott, Chad Michael Collins, Colin Ferguson, Michael Shanks


Frank Hatcher’s life is...messy. A modern day beat cop who’s married to the job, which is causing the foundation of his own marriage to crumble. Life goes from bad to worse when he encounters a cop from the 1920s, another from 2030, a nearly indestructible man-machine hybrid, and a time-traveling madwoman who abducts his wife. All in the same day.
As Frank tries to process the unreal circumstances, he joins a group of enforcers assembled to protect the timeline. It’s clear that the deadly time-traveling madwoman isn’t going to go down - or release his wife without a fight. Frank soon finds himself fighting with his fists, wits, and trusty sidearm as he jumps to the past, present, and future with his fellow time cops. As they try to stay one step ahead of their adversary in this game of time-bending cat-and-mouse, a final showdown in the old West is where they make their last stand, and Frank’s ultimate destiny is revealed.
Loaded with action, adventure and a colorful collection of heroes from iconic points in time, QUANTUM JUSTICE combines the shoot-‘em-up fun of a beloved 80s action film with elements of a sci-fi western, peppered with plenty of buddy cop humor throughout!

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