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Romantic Island

Romantic Island

Alternate Titles: Feel So Good Tropical Romance

Romantic Comedy | Korean | 100 minutes


Mirovision Inc.

Актеры и исполнители


Chul-Woo Kang


Jung-Sub Lee, Hyung-Chul Shin


Jung-Sub Lee


Mun-Sik Lee, Il-Hwa Lee, Min-Ki Lee, Eugene, Soo-Kyung Lee, Sun-Kyun Lee


A poor but vivacious lady, Soo-Jin takes a vacation to an exotic island for the first time, totally free from work and her family. A rich but cold-hearted gentleman, Jae-Hyuk, secretly visits the island for his estranged father's funeral. Jae-Hyuk bumps into Soo-Jin at a hotel and attracted by her lively spirit, Jae-Hyuk asks her to be his tour guide during his stay on the island. A famous idol star, Ga-Young, is stressed out from her hard schedules and takes an impulsive vacation. A hopeless clerk, Jung-Hwan, gets a free ticket to the island from his friend. Spoiled, Ga-Young sees Jung-Hwan standing alone at the airport and asks him to carry her bag and to take her to the hotel. Mr. nice guy, Jung-Hwan can’t turn her down and he becomes her companion to the island.
A father and husband, Joong-Sik and his wife, Yoon-Suk, take their very first trip abroad to the island. On the romantic island, Joong-Sik tries to make the perfect vacation for his wife, presenting an unforgettable memory with him for the last time.

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