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Sleepwalker 3D

Sleepwalker 3D

Drama | Cantonese | 104 minutes


All Rights Entertainment

Актеры и исполнители


Oxide PANG






Charile YOUNG, Si Yan HUO, Kent CHENG, Sinle LEE, Hee Ching PAW



After a traumatic incident, Yee starts to sleepwalk without herself knowing. For years, the same dream has haunted her – she wound stand on a wasteland all by herself in an air of eeriness.
Meanwhile, Au, a police sergeant, is trying to track down the kidnapper of her nephew. Despite the ransom paid, she doesn’t know if the kid is dead or alive.
Yee’s nightmare gets worse. One day, she wakes up to find trails of mud by her bed. She suspects she really did kill someone on that wasteland in her sleep.
Later on, Au interrogates her about her missing ex-husband. Yee is convinced that she has killed the unfaithful man and a repressed trauma deep in her psyche rebounds. Au suspects Yee’s dream is related to her nephew’s kidnap. Following the clues in her dream, Au finds the crime scene, but the body isn’t buried at the spot where it’s sup- posed to be.

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