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Special Correspondents

Special Correspondents

Alternate Titles: Envoyés très spéciaux

Comedy | French | 93 minutes



Актеры и исполнители


Frederic Auburtin


Simon Michael, Gerard Lanvin, Jacques Labib


Gerard Lanvin, Gerard Jugnot


A smart, snappy comedy exploring the frontier between truth and lies, starring Gerard Lanvin (The Taste of Others) and Gerard Jugnot (The Chorus).

Frank Bonneville (Lanvin), dashing radio reporter and ladies' man, sees his assignment in Iraq as a chance to cement his place at the top of his profession. His reports from the frontline capture the public's imagination, boost the station's audience and make Frank a star. Except they're not from the frontline. Frank's technician, Albert Poussin (Jugnot), mislaid their supply of cash, making them miss their flight. They are in fact holed up at a friend's steam baths in a seedy part of Paris. As it becomes increasingly difficult to conceal the truth, they are driven to greater extremes of duplicity with potentially tragic consequences. And when's a good time for Frank to tell Albert he slept with his beloved Francoise (Valerie Kaprisky)?

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