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Special Couple

Special Couple

Comedy, Drama, Romance | Chinese | 106 minutes


Emperor Motion Pictures



Musical prodigy Gu Dabai (Aarif Lee) has gone to London in pursuit of his dreams, but an accident puts his visa at risk. Before Dabai is deported, his childhood friend Jin Tian (White K), who already has a residency card, comes up with an absurd plan and tries to slip by from Watson (Rupert Graves), the visa officer. However, the two man’s plan keeps getting derailed by: Their new neighbor, Hermione (Sandrine Pinna), Watson’s relentless pursuit to debunk the couple, as well as a surprise visit by Dabai’s parents. As Dabai’s little white lie snowballs into an avalanche, the two best friends scramble to cover up the holes in their increasing convoluted story. Faced with the choice between the visa and telling the truth, what will the two men do?

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