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Special Force Return III Top Secret Battlefield

Special Force Return III Top Secret Battlefield

Action/Adventure, Drama | Chinese | 68 minutes


Tiger Pictures Entertainment

Актеры и исполнители


Jie Hou



Return of the Specialists 3 continues from the first and second films, following the series of problems encountered by the three Blood Wolves as they travel to the Land of Vine to avenge the death of their comrades. Ma Yue’s wife Lily was kidnapped. With the assistance of the Public Security Department, they apprehend the culprit, but Lily has been transferred out of the country T. Long Wei realizes that is most likely a retaliation by Black Fox!

Demonstrations take place in Country T, calling for the return of former President Khun to power. In fact, the real Khun has long been under house arrest by the Black Fox. The truth gradually emerges······

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