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The 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension

Alternate Titles:

Science-Fiction | English | 90 minutes


Global Genesis Group

Актеры и исполнители


George Roberson


Angela Harper, George Roberson, Corey Christian


George Roberson


Tiffany Cole, Joseph Setticase, Alicia Mitchell, George Roberson, Aubrey Wakeling



The 5th Dimension is inspired by true US Government experiments. Its an intelligent sci fi/horror/thriller steeped in pop culture obsession with conspiracy theories such as The Philadelphia Experiment.

A group of doctoral student physicists hire a film crew and travel to Montauk Air Force Base, an area rumored to be connected to the “unexplained,” to prove that time travel is possible by unearthing research by Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and secrets experiments conducted by the CIA.

Before reaching the base, the students encounter a former soldier who claims a US naval ship docked near Montauk disappeared into the night and then magically reappeared. He also saw “specters” or “ghosts” on the ship.

The group laugh off the soldier, and find their 30 year-old guide who can get them into Montauk. The Guide tells the students he and his twin brother were part of the U.S. government’s top secret time travel program seventy years ago. The students are freaked out by these stories of horrific experiments.

Then, as loud noises come from the woods, unnerving the group, one by one, the students and their film crew start to disappear. Panic ensues as specters are seen. Are they innocent forces of energy or the haunted Montauk Boys who were tortured and killed inside the base? The students fight to survive until the dawn so that they can finally discover the truth.

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