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The Black Demon

The Black Demon

Action/Adventure | English


Highland Film Group

Актеры и исполнители


Adrian Grünberg


Jon Silk, Javier Chapa


Josh Lucas, Fernanda Urrejola, Julio Cesar Cedillo


Oilman Paul Sturges (Josh Lucas) takes his family to Bahia Negra, the site of Paul’s best-performing rig, but the vibrant Mexican coastal town he once knew has mysteriously crumbled as the townsfolk believe the rig has awoken a shark of legend, known as The Black Demon. With his family scared to be left alone, they arrive on the rig only to have their boat ferociously attacked by the massive black shark. Laying claim to the local waters aggressively protecting mother nature against human threats, it destroys everything in its path. Paul and his family are now stranded with the few men who have survived. Under constant attack by the giant monster and with time ticking away, Paul must find a way to get his family back to shore alive.

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