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The Redeeming

The Redeeming

Thriller | English | 84 minutes


Indie Rights

Актеры и исполнители


Brian Barnes


Berni Snarba


Roger Thomas


Tracey Ann Wood, Ryan Wichert, Robert Blackwood



For many years Joyce has been free of the bad memories that haunted her dreams. Events she was happy to forget. But fragments are beginning to return. They confuse her and she would rather they were dead and buried. As Joyce becomes more disturbed, she seeks peace in an isolated cottage, miles from anywhere. Even in this silent retreat, she cannot escape the troubling images that taunt her and make no sense. The unexpected arrival of a mysterious young man is a respite from her thoughts - despite her suspicions of how he came to be there. However, the longer the man remains at the cottage, the more Joyce becomes confused by his possible connection to her. Horrific memories flood back into her mind, and this man’s insistence that she remember her past could push Joyce over the edge and doom them both. After a fight and chase through the house, a shocking twist reveals just how fragile Joyce's reality has become.

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