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The Tape

The Tape

| English, Hindi | 90 minutes


Global Genesis Group

Актеры и исполнители


Saket S. Behl


Samir Soni, Jaswinder Kaur, Anuradha Khaira



THE TAPE begins as a family gets away from their busy lives with a getaway to an old, solitary farmhouse in the woods. Peaceful, serene, it is like the beautiful wonder of the Overlook Hotel in THE SHINING. But when the family arrives, and Father's secret affair is revealed, the mood of the vacation turns angry.

Mother is upset. The argument escalates. Then noises are heard. Visions are seen. The family realizes that they are not alone in the farmhouse but without a working car, they are trapped. Little by little the fear rises as the family starts imagining horrible murders. Then the murders turn into reality, now it is a struggle to survive. This family must fight the deadly, vengeful spirit or else be the next one to be killed.

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