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Villa Bella

Villa Bella

Comedy | Italian, Spanish | 120 minutes


House of Film

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Marco Pollini



Filmed in the stunning Italian countryside, this endearing comic gem will capture your heart with its story of three beautiful young women looking for a better life in a new land. Lola, Carmen and Irena each find themselves at the doorstep of the magnificent "Villa Bella" in search of jobs as caretakers for a mischievous group of elderly men and the tolerant and wise female residents of the villa.. After an initiation of good-natured, practical jokes, mayhem and misunderstandings, the three women become devoted and beloved members of this rag-tag community. However, when the selfish director of Villa Bella reveals his intentions to sell the facility, the three resourceful women execute a plan to keep Villa Bella alive. This delightful charmer will take you on a funny and beautiful adventure and is certain to leave you with a smile.

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