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When the Mist Clears

When the Mist Clears

Drama, Erotic | English | 104 minutes


Princ Films

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Cengiz Dervis


Cengiz Dervis


Christian Howard, Gena Miller, Cengiz Dervis, Maddalena Ischiale


Isabella is a disconnected and angry young women. Her life was shattered at 13 when her Italian mother died of cancer. Her successful British father Frank, who harbors a painful secret, chose to lose himself with work and outsource Isabella's care and upbringing to nanny's, tutors and eventually therapists. Many years later Frank had remarried to a wonderful Italian women, Claudia, who manages to convince Frank that they all need to get away from work, frome the city, from internet and spend a month close to nature on a remote Italian country estate and hopefully reconnect to each other.

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