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A Tracker's Tale

A Tracker's Tale

Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller | English | 45 minutes


Black Castle Productions



Sabrina Cooper, Jonathan James


Karen Avizur


Katherine Colebrook works as a Tracker for the FBI on any cases involving vampires, werewolves, pùcas, et al. These parasapiens live among humans in an alternate vision of Los Angeles, in a politically fragile co-existence.

Trackers introduces Katherine Colebrook, a psychic Special Agent for the FBI, working as a Tracker with her new probationary agent, Reese Johansson. Alexandra Colebrook, Katherine’s sixteen-year-old daughter, who shares not only her mother’s psychic powers, but also her interest in law enforcement, and penchant for attracting trouble. Katherine’s job involves tracking and, frequently, killing ‘parasapiens’ - vampires, werewolves, pùcas, et al - who live among and prey upon humans in an alternate vision of Los Angeles, in which humans and legally registered parasapiens maintain a politically fragile co-existence. In these exploits, she and Alexandra are supported, and threatened, by a bevy of exotic creatures and discover that the most dangerous creatures of all are often human.

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