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Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction | French | 100 minutes


OneTwoThree Media



Anouar Moatassim


Aicha Fahme, Alan Green, Anouar Moatassim


Omar Mrani


Samy Naceri, Lartiste, Sarah Perles, Doudou Masta



Deep in the deserts of the Atlas Mountains, a group of Archaeologists have discovered the location of the lost city of Atlantis and in the ruins of a temple they find a mystical Astrolabe which has holds unimaginable power to create catastrophic events which could destroy the world.
It turns out that the psychopathic head of the Casablanca gangs, Chinoui, also finds out about the discovery and attacks the archaeological digs to seize the ancient device, killing everyone in his path.
Hakim is a well-intentioned hacker, who is arrested and handed over to the Police authorities for hacking an international bank. While in custody, he accepts a deal to join and be in the service of the cybercrime unit.
While investigating a series of cyber break-ins at international companies, they find that the CEO of one of the attacked banks, David Lockham, is the mastermind behind the criminal actions. It turns out that Chinoui is in the pay of the banker. David Lockham’s intention is to use the powers of the Astrolabe to set in motion events which will allow him to lay claim to untold riches and to dominate the world. This, at the risk of history repeating itself and the planet suffering the same fate as that of Atlantis.
Hakim learns the truth about his true origins, he discovers that he is one of the last living descendants of the Atlantean people. A lineage of humans empowered with superhuman abilities which he must learn to control to prevent the impending cataclysm.
To be the last defense of the world, he must become “ATOMAN”.

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