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Countdown To Wednesday

Countdown To Wednesday

Documentary | English | 110 minutes


Fandomodo Films



Stan Lee, Marc Silvestri, Paul Dini


First of its kind documentary gives fans an insider's look at the comic book business. Featuring Stan Lee, Marc Silvestri, Mark Waid, Paul Dini, and many others.

Top comic book veterans provide an insider's look at the comic book biz, talking about their experiences, knowledge, and advice about how to make it in the industry. With interviews from editors, writers, artists, sales & distribution executives, as well as behind the scenes look at a top comic book company's production meeting, fans will get a chance to see the process behind making a comic. This documentary also answers many questions: How to break in? What are editors looking for in submissions? What kind of schooling should someone have? How to self-publish? What's the best way to market a title?

Stan Lee discusses how to break into the business.
Marc Silvestri talks about the creative process.
Paul Dini chats about the comic book writing process.
Mark Waid gives advice on putting together submissions.
Jim McLauchlin talks about interning at a comic book company.
Matt Hawkins gives advice about how to self publish your book.
Over 20 more interviews throughout.