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Extreme Fighters 3D - To The Limits

Extreme Fighters 3D - To The Limits

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Attila Tenki


Attila Tenki


Attila Tenk


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Kitesurfing is playing with the wind and waves, in which speed plays a great role. If we manage to dominate and control the power of the wind, it will not only enable us to make dizzying progress, but also to do long and high jumps as well. In wakeboarding fans of snowboarding and skateboarding realised their ideas, combining them with the opportunities offered by surfing. As a result they created a speed and action packed sport which makes acrobatic flips and spins possible on the board. Rafting enthusiasts take up the fight with the power of river water. In this case speed is determined by the river. The forces of nature can only be experienced even more closely in the sport called hydrospeed. And if the gorge is too deep and too steep you can go in for canyoning.
The creative exchange of ideas of athletes from different areas of sports, together with fast developing technology, created whole new extreme and fun water sports, for which young sports fans think up more and more variations. But they all agree on one thing: they love being outdoors, testing their abilities and their courage, and discovering new passions.
This film which was shot in 3D throughout, shows, in action packed footage, what can be done with water. You can see breath-taking stunts on kiteboards and wakeboards by amateur athletes and real pros. The action footage is complemented by interviews with sportsmen representing different fields of sport, in which they will explain what fascinates them in that particular sport and what their plans are.