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Hank and Mike

Hank and Mike

Comedy | English | 87 minutes


Shoreline Entertainment



Matthew Klinck


Nicholas Tabarrok, Thomas Michael


Joe Mantegna, Paolo Mancini, Thomas Michael



Hank and Mike are best friends - and bunnies. Not just any bunnies, Easter bunnies! They're a kind of yin-and-yang, Felix-and-Oscar duo. As the Easter Bunnies, they hand deliver baskets of Easter eggs to unsuspecting families. They have long held their positions at Pan Enterprises, a multi-national corporation that owns all holidays. In an effort to increase profits, the firm's board of directors has called in an efficiency expert (Mr. Hubriss) to trim the fat and get the company's Easter profits back in order.

In spite of the service Hank and Mike have diligently (if not wholeheartedly) performed over the years, it is quickly apparent that as Easter bunnies who work only one day a year for a "Tier 2" holiday (Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine's Day being on the top tier) Hank and Mike are going to be a part of the downsizing campaign.

The news hits Hank and Mike hard. They are incredulous. No Easter bunny has ever been fired! The strain on their friendship begins immediately. They begin to frequent strip joints and are propelled into a bizarre downward spiral. Hank reluctantly heads to the unemployment office (a source of major frustration) and ends up with a job as a janitor at a preschool run by Marie, the object of his demented affection. Mike gets involved in a self-help group run by Dreams with Possum, a successful native stockbroker who is now helping men find their "missing piece."

Discontent with what their lives have become, Hank and Mike reunite to confront the greedy and nefarious Mr. Hubriss and find their way back to Easter.