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Jack Blue

Jack Blue

Animation, Childrens, Family | English | 95 minutes


All Rights Entertainment



Adopted by horses, Jack, a young blue donkey, grows up in a farm with his animal pals. Thinking he is a horse, he falls in love with his best friend, a beautiful filly named Olivia, who is also the love interest of the macho stallion Storm.
Meanwhile the ruthless crocodile Berger and flamingo Pinkie rule Swampland, where they force a diversity of kidnapped animals to compete in dangerous games. When Olivia is captured by Berger, Storm challenges Jack to save her.
With his best buddy Harry, the hedgehog, and Toby the bear, Jack embarks upon a perilous journey. Along the way Jack makes peace with who he is, and starts to appreciate the strengths of being a donkey. With the help of new allies, Jack defeats Berger and saves the day.

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