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Mirage of Love

Mirage of Love

Alternate Titles: Mirage d´Amour

Drama, Romance | French | 99 minutes


Atlas International Film



Hubert Toint


Hubert Toint


Bernard Giraudeau


Marie Gillain, Eduardo Paxeco, Jean-François Stévenin, Catalina Saavedra, Juan Quezada, Jan Hammenecker



Chile, 1929, the Atacama Desert, Pampa-Terminal. Hirondelle’s heart doesn’t just beat for music, and for her widowed father who raised her since her mother passed away. A pianist in the town cinema, she lives by proxy to the rhythm of the used reels that lead her far from her mining village devastated by poverty and Ibanez’s repressive presidency. Her small town, once a land of hope and exile, has a disparate mix of immigrants come in search of a better world, a new Babel in which languages mix to the sound of local fanfare.

And then one day, naturally, a handsome trumpeter comes knocking on the door to Hirondelle’s heart. She barely has the time to abandon herself to her passion when history catches up with her, and comes to put a tragic end to this unduly fleeting happiness. Marie Gillain – the award winning and 4 time César nominated best actress, stars in this magnificent epic love story with great poetic scenes set in a mining town in the beautiful Atacama Desert in Chile. Epic and romantic…the impossible love story of the daughter of an anarchist and a musician during the dictatorship in the 1920ies.