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Shadow Legacy: Season 1

Shadow Legacy: Season 1

Animation, Drama | | 30 minutes


Lion's Pride Animation



Matthew Rhodes


Matthew Rhodes


Matthew Rhodes


Tracy Pfau, Simon De La Cruz, Katherine Black, Liz Madden, Shane Mitchell, Bree Page, Elvis Diolosa, Jeff Werden, Joseph Gram


The Umondi Pride has put their past behind them after the Pride wars. With the Pride split between the brothers Shujaa and Asikari, a hopeful future can begin. Fate has its own idea by leaving one surviving cub to fulfill a prophecy known only to the Seers.

King Shujaa, a no-nonsense leader, seeks hope from the Seer, Bahati, who has seen the future through prophecy. Shujaa sacrifices himself with the help of his Shetani, Hali, in order to give his mate, Hasira, and their cub, Malaika, time to flee growing darkness.

King Asikari, brother to Shujaa and former prankster, trains Malaika to fight when not spending time with Queen Mlinzi.

The young Prince Malaika is tormented constantly by the Shetani Kivuli. Trained as a warrior by his mentor, King Asikari, he is sent into exile uncertain of his own future.

Among the many lion Prides, none has ever met one such as the Thanda Pride, Led by Queen Uzuri and welcoming to all species. It’s here that Malaika learns from the Queen about acceptance. Malaika’s fear reminds him that humans could find him and kill those associated with him. Yet, every member has their own similar tale.

With Malaika in Exile, Mlinzi must work to keep the Pride together even seeking help from the Council of the Moon. The council’s own issues prevent any assistance. Only through knowledge of the past is Mlinzi able to understand how to move forward.

An emotional drama for ages 15+, Shadow Legacy is a realistic fantasy series providing lessons in perseverance and the bonds of friendship and family with a physical adaptation for those who may experience emotional issues

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