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The Gilbert Diaries - The Movie

The Gilbert Diaries - The Movie

Comedy | English | 97 minutes


What On Earth Productions



Frank Modica, Bobby Ciasulli, Paul Venier, Anthony Ferro


Frank Modica, Janet Cutugno


Frank Modica, Bobby Ciasulli, Paul Venier, Janet Cutugno


Bobby Ciasulli, Angel Salazar, Artie Pasquale, Frank Modica, Paul Venier



The Gilbert Diaries is a comedy feature film with multiple storylines that follows a happy-go-lucky, but very naive, Gilbert, through a series of daily adventures as he navigates his entrepreneurial business ideas, love life, friendships, and just as eccentric family. No matter what Gilbert gets into, he’s always messes something up. The film opens with Gilbert recording some of his most recent, wild adventures in his diary and continues throughout the course of it.

The first adventure begins with Gilbert being enlisted to buy his girlfriend, Crissy, an “emergency bra” - which is an event in itself. As this is something Gilbert has never had to do before, the timing and tensions are high, especially since his girlfriend is expecting it ASAP.

Another significant story line is when Gilbert runs into Crissy’s wealthy ex-boyfriend, Beamer. Being the continual fabricator Gilbert is, he pretends he is now a financial advisor and ends up giving Beamer a fake stock tip about a bra company after he purchases Crissy’s emergency bra, which leads to Beamer selling everything he owns to invest in the stocks. Inevitably, the stock goes under due to the bra’s faulty product and an injury to its customer.

While this is all occurring, Gilbert was traveling with a car he borrowed from Mob Boss Ice Pick Frankie’s grandson, but of course ends up trashing it in a car wash with his brother, Paulie. Ice Pick Frankie gets word and sends his henchmen out for revenge on the brothers by planting a bomb undereath a new car that Gilbert ends up purchasing from another shady character, Sonny Storm, after winning $500 from a pie eating contest.

Gilbert gets deeper into trouble, him and his brother Paulie nearly avoid an unsuccessful kill attempt by Ice Pick Frankie’s men from galavanting into the woods within seconds of the bomb explosion to goof off. The brothers venture back to Sonny Storm to get another car where Sonny advises them to fake their funeral with the help of one of the businesses he owns, so they can find out who tried to blow them up. During their funeral, the mob comes to pay their respect in order to confirm for themselves if Gilbert and Paulie are dead.

The first series of adventures conclude on a much more fashionable note as Mush, a clothing line owner, comes to Gilbert for when all his models dropped out of his fashion show. Gilbert assures him he can get replacements and coincidentally runs into Beamer, a now homeless man due to Gilbert’s fake stock tip earlier on. Beamer tries to undermine Gilbert with an ulterior motive to make the fashion show a disaster.

These are just a few examples of Gilbert’s entries into his diaries, and whatever the future holds for him, his brother Paulie, their friends and family, you can be assured that it will be a uniquely funny and extraordinary ride.