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The Merchant

The Merchant

Alternate Titles: The Devil's Deal

Action/Adventure, Horror, Western | English | 97 minutes


Acort International



Justin Mosely


joe francis


allen reed


Matthew Greer, David K. Shelton, Jaysen Dry, Allen Reed, Tristan lavelle



Shortly after the turn of the century, a traveling priest is called to investigate a string of mysterious disappearances. After his wagon is ransacked by a figure with a hidden face, Father Long is captured and commissioned to plant a dark seed in the nearby small town of Burning Bush.
Meanwhile, a young man tries to reconnect with a recently widowed pregnant woman who was raised alongside him. A wandering gunslinger returns to town to repay a debt while the people rally around the returned priest in a dark ceremony that brings madness and death.
Shortly after, two unusual strangers appear to fulfill a sinister bargain made decades prior by the town's three founders. The people of Burning Bush do not know that the town's benefactor made a twisted bargain with a devil in the flesh to save his own skin. As a result, these supernatural hunters are after old and young blood alike as a small group of survivors attempt to last the night in the local saloon under the protection of the mystical bartender. They must fight, not only to save their own lives, but to save their very souls.

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