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VERONIKA, A Siberian Tale

VERONIKA, A Siberian Tale

Drama, Psycho-Drama, Thriller | English, Russian


Latin American Training Center



Sandy Krolick, Vanessa McMahon


VERONIKA, A Siberian Tale, is a dark love story, a psychological thriller, with indelible images of childhood in the Eurasian steppe. It’s about the transformation of a simple boy with roots in the Russian soil to a youthful, but renowned New York maestro.

With uninvited visions of his long-lost love, Veronika, making nightly visits to a late thirty-something SERGEI NIKITIN, this Russian-American maestro sets off on a tragic journey back to his motherland in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. There he will visit his elderly grandparents, his former professor of Slavic mythology, as well as an Altai shaman to try and find some resolution to a mysterious love smoldering beneath his unnerving and largely indecipherable visions.