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God of War II

God of War II

Action/Adventure | Mandarin | 100 minutes


Media Asia Film Distribution (HK) Limited

Besetzung und Crew


Cong CAI


Charles LIN, Yuxi LIU, David WU

die Vorschau


Dashingly handsome and dazzlingly skillful in martial arts, Lü Bu is a God of War. A general under the warlord Dong Zhuo, he has blazed a trail of undisrupted victories in the battlefields. Behind this façade of honor and glory, however, lurks a dark and deadly secret.

Born of humble origin without even a name to call his own, Lü Bu was captured as a little boy by a sorceress and subjected to years of excruciating testing for poisons and potions. He was named 19 for identification purposes.

A decade has passed. While many of his fellow prisoners have since died, 19 survives. One day, he is force-fed one of the deadliest venoms on earth. Instead of dying a gruesome death, he finds his body exploding with an invincible strength. He defeats his captors and escapes.

Scot-free in this brave new world, 19 falls in love with the pristine beauty of Cicada, a young apothecary’s apprentice. Just when they think they will live happily ever after, the sorceress’s henchmen have come upon them. 19 is recaptured while Cicada falls off a cliff.

Under the command of Dong Zhuo, the sorceress replaces 19’s memories with false ones. He is renamed Lü Bu and is made to believe that he has been Dong’s adopted son since boyhood. He swears loyalty to Dong and becomes the fearsome general of his army.

Meanwhile, Cicada has been rescued and dec ides to revenge against Dong Zhuo. She turns herself into a weapon by infusing her body with a lethal poison that will be activated upon fornication. She then changes her appearance and charms her way into Dong’ s company.

When Cicada finally meets Lü Bu , she realizes he is none ot her than 19, but he apparently does not recognize her. Only after much effort does she manage to recover 19’s memories in Lü’s head, but it is already too late. The poison in her body is destined to kill her.

Lü decides to sacrifice his life for Cicada by neutralizing her poison with that in his body, which he has plenty since childhood. When he miraculously survives after Cicada’s poison is cleansed, he picks up his spear and heads towards Dong’s palace for a final confrontation.