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Tales From The Occult: Ultimate Malevolence

Tales From The Occult: Ultimate Malevolence

Psycho-Drama, Thriller | Cantonese | 100 minutes


Media Asia Film Distribution (HK) Limited

Besetzung und Crew


Chi-Ngai LEE, Peter LEE, Pater WONG


John CHONG (Infernal Affairs), Mathew TANG (Tales from the Dark)


Tales from the Occult 3 features three short films that explore the depths of the subconscious.

Killing Me Softly
Director: Chi-Ngai LEE (Sleepless Town)
Starring: Pak-Him CHU (Hand Rolled Cigarette), Miss Hunny, Chin-Ting LAM
A magician has a ghostly visitation from her friend who has gone missing after their phone conversation. When the latter is found dead, she remembers her chatting with someone else during the call and getting into his car. She tries hypnosis to find out who he is, unaware that the perpetrator is planning to kill her first.

No Way Out
Director: Peter LEE (Love is a Broadway Hit)
Starring: Philip KEUNG (Shock Wave), Amy LO
A man wakes up from his sleep to find himself in a huge shipyard. While looking for an exit, he bumps into corpses, spirits, and even his ex-wife who accuses him of stalking her. He decides to show her what he has seen but the corpses are no longer there and even hiswife soon disappears. He must find his way out before too late.

Memento Mori
Director: Pater WONG
Starring: Peter Charm-Man CHAN (Three Husbands), Wai-Lam OR (Drifting)
Two best friends dream of becoming directors one day. When one accidentally kills the other, he taxidermizes his body and appropriates a script he has written. He then finds financing for the script and becomes a director. Little does he realize that in order to write the script, his friend has killed and taxidermized his victims as well.