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Blood Conscious

Blood Conscious

Horror | English | 80 minutes


Film Seekers Limited



Timothy Covell


Christina Behnke


Timothy Covell


Nick Damici, DeShawn White, Lenny Thomas



A vacationing family turns the tables on a mass shooter who claims to be fighting demonic forces.

Kevin, his older sister, Brittney, and her fiancé, Tony, set off to their parents’ lakeside cottage expecting a leisurely weekend getaway, but little did they expect the horror that awaits them.

Their holiday turns into a trip from hell as they enter a scene of mass murder, where their parents and neighbours this side of the lake all lie dead.

Terror strikes when the armed murderer confronts them, alleging to be fighting demonic forces that had possessed them all. They pin him down and lock him up in the cellar but soon he claims to not to be alone down there.

As unexpected and traumatic events keep unfolding they will have to find a way to survive the night without turning on each other, or becoming possessed.

Blood Conscious is a smart and gripping elevated genre movie with strong subtexts of American racism and collective delusions.

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