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How You Look To Me

How You Look To Me

Alternate Titles: Sweet William

Drama | English | 104 minutes


Shoreline Entertainment



J. Miller Tobin


Bruce Romans, Jeremy Gold


Bruce Romans


Laura Allen, Frank Langella, Bruce Romans



A moving independent film, Sweet William is the story of a young man uncovering the truth about himself, his past and his future. Set in the little-known progressive cultural underground of art, literature and horse racing in Louisville, KY, this searchful narrative breaks Southern stereotypes and offers the audience a wide range of colorful characters and unique locations as well as a fresh, poignant look at an atypical struggle of a young man in his twenties.

More interested in pursuing the life of a playboy than that of a student, William Marshall, the son of a wealthy Southern family involved in horse racing, reluctantly heads back to graduate school to keep his family from cutting him off financially.

While facing the reality of day to day life in a graduate school and the rigid expectations of his family, William finds comfort when he is reunited with his two long time best friends, Maurice Bowman and Park.

Despite his usual sexual escapades and late nights with his friends, unexpectedly, William falls in love with Jane Webb, a beautiful, intelligent class mate who is less than interested in William. As William's heart and mind opens, he begins to reconcile the past and find a track for his future.

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