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Legend of the Broken Sword Hero

Legend of the Broken Sword Hero

Action/Adventure | Thai


Sahamongkolfilm International Co., Ltd


“Legend of the Broken Sword Hero” (White-teethed Thong Dee),

the latest historical action blockbuster from the highly-regarded director,

Bin Bunluerit, tells the journey of “Joi” or “Thong Dee”, (Starred by

“Bua Khaw Bunchamek”, world-renowned Muay Thai superstar

in his first leading role), the loyal, relentless, brave, and talented fighter

with unparalleled skills of Muay Thai and swordfight. Joi was given

the alias of “white-teethed Thong Dee” as he did not like to eat “Maak”

(raw betel nut Thai people chewed as gum-like snack in the ancient time,

which turn the teeth black).

The story started at his young age which was a difficult one. Always

bully by the son of the city governor, he ran away from home and grew up

fighting for money. Betrayed by his promoter when he lost a fight, he travelled

to various town to learn the martial arts of Muay Thai and sword fighting.

However, along his journey, he had become friends with “Bunkerd”,

“Muay Lek”, and “Tuek. He picked up the Chinese style martial arts from

a Chinese opera. After that, he learn the “Tha Sao” style of boxing and become

one of the master boxer.

It turned out that destiny and his chivalrous acts brought Joi the opportunity

to serve Taksin the Great, the group he saved from the enemy troops were

Lord Taksin’s family, Taksin who unite the Kingdom and became the King

after the war. His honorable acts of sacrificing himself to defend his beloved country

and his loyalty led him to be known by Thai people as “Phraya Phichai Dap Hak”

(Lord Pichai of the Shattered Sword).

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