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Life in Reverse

Life in Reverse

Family, Musical, Romance | English | 104 minutes


Princ Films



Tara Lynn Marcelle


William McNamara, Joe Estevez, Darwin Shaw, Timothy Goodwin, Jenni Kennedy, Chris Minor



After causing a devastating accident, Jordan, talented young musician, runs away with hope that he will find shelter and peace in obscurity of a small town. He got a job as a small bar entertainer and stays at the ranch where he works for room and board. There he meets Sierra, young woman torn between being there for her family and building music career she always secretly wished for. With his knowledge and experience, Jordan can help with her song writing and stage performance. Soon neither of them can no longer hide how they feel about each other. But, to get to Sierra’s heart, Jordan must face his sins and must ask for forgiveness.

Soundtrack of “Life in Reverse” is licensed for publishing by the Sony Music Group

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